Cambridge Movers and Storage in Transit

There are many ways to perform moving from one location to another. The happiest situations are those when you can have the goods picked up from one place and delivered to another as soon as possible. But not everybody has the same needs when it comes to moving services and Cambridge Movers are willing to offer various options to satisfy all clients’ demands. Storage-in-transit is one of the situations which are not included in the typical moving services.

Movers Cambridge MA,Cambridge Movers and Storage in Transit Articles companies refer to storage-in-transit as a situation in which the beneficiary requires temporary storage of goods before they can be transported to the delivery address. The temporary storage period is generally limited to a particular number of days. The reasons why clients may choose storage-in-transit vary from one beneficiary to another. In most cases, the delivery address is not ready to be occupied yet and yet the pickup location must be emptied. Here are the facts you need to know about storage-in-transit as far as responsibilities and rights of both Cambridge Movers and beneficiaries:

Movers Cambridge MA, companies have to inform the beneficiary in writing of the date when the storage-in-transit expires and temporary storage will turn into permanent storage which implies different costs.

They also have to notify the beneficiary that he or she can file for claims of damages or loss for 9 months after the storage-in-transit period has expired. The damages or losses could have occurred during the storage in transit period or in transit.

Cambridge Movers located also need to let the beneficiary know that the movers’ liability will end within a given number of days.

Storage-in-transit involves costs which will be charged additionally for using the storage facility, for warehouse handling as well as for special delivery. These costs will affect eventually the final costs of your moving services.

In most cases, Movers Cambridge MA companies need to send out notifications 10 days before the temporary storage time expires. Movers can choose to notify customers through various channels including telephone, fax, email, courier, or in person.

The exception to the above mentioned rule is when movers west palm beach the storage-in-transit period is shorter than 10 days. In such a case, the mover has to inform the beneficiary one day before the expiry date of the storage-in-transit option.

Cambridge Movers generally have clear tariffs for storage-in-transit and they also have a maximum period for which they can provide storage-in-transit services. Sometimes, this period of time is negotiable and it can be established by the two parties together.

If Movers Cambridge MA companies do not inform the customer that the period for which the goods can be held in storage in transit expires, their liability extends until the movers actually give notice.

Storage-in-transit is an option which should only be considered if it is absolutely necessary. It triggers extra costs and complications for the beneficiaries. Storage in transit is something that most Cambridge Movers situated would like to avoid. However, as a beneficiary, you should know that Movers Cambridge MA have various tariffs and various periods of time they can offer as far as storage-in-transit.