Advertising a job online to Attract right candidates for Job

Are you looking to advertise a job online? The following information will show you the basics of advertising a job online with a job board.

If you’re new to online recruitment,Advertising a job online to Attract right candidates for Job Articles the whole process can be daunting, especially with the vast range of recruitment tools available to companies. From niche to mass, or location and industry specific, how do you know which job board is right for your recruitment campaign?

We’ve compiled a list of features you should look out for to help you choose the job board that is most appropriate for your individual recruitment needs.

Attracting candidates

When searching through the long list of job boards, which ones have the most exposure? If you’re seeing these adverts, job seekers will be too. Job boards need to continually attract new candidates to register their CV in order to keep their database current and ensure your job adverts are seen. Are the jobs boards running advertising campaigns or reaching out to candidates through 룸알바 social media and SEO efforts?


It’s easy for a large job board to promote themselves, but how do you know their claims are entirely accurate? You can look at industry reviews of the organisations, such as recruitment awards or recognitions showing that they are clearly doing a good job. Another way to cipher if a job board is truly as good as it says it is, is to speak to other clients. You can read customer testimonials from most sites, or contact users of the site directly to hear their view of how the job board works to ensure that when you advertise a job, it will produce excellent application results.


Visit their site from both a recruiter and candidate perspective and assess how easy it is to use. Are there clear headings and call to actions to encourage the candidate to register their CV or begin searching for jobs? If the site isn’t easy to navigate and its not clear how to use it, on both candidate and recruiter side, then its likely very little candidates will register their CV and so you’ll only be wasting your money by advertising a job with them.

Tools and Features